LOWS W.A.Mozart

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1. The example

The Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart (IATA: SZG, ICAO: LOWS) is located inside the city of Salzburg and is the second largest airport of Austria. The airport was taken into operation on the 16th of August 1926 and was named after the  composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born in Salzburg.

The airport is located about four kilometers west of the center of Salzburg, inside the district named Maxglan, about two kilometers from the German border, next to Ainring and Freilassing. The airports elevation is 430 m a.s.l. on the terrain of the former Untersberger moor and in the vicinity of the enclosed basin of Salzburg. The Untersberg (mountain) is located south of the airport.

(Source: Wikipedia)

2. The scenery

The scenery is based on a conversion done by andreasmax named "LOWS - Salzburg W.A.Mozart V9" , which originally was done by gianni for the MSFS2004.

Because of copyright law the scenery was done completely from scratch.

Thereby the above mentioned scenery was used as a template included actual information from open sources to build the aiport new.


are available at http://www.vacc-austria.org/?page=content/airportinfo&icao=LOWS. Based on that charts the parking postions and  taxiways where build into the scenery. So there should'nt be any problems when flying online.

During August 2012 the runway 16/34 was renamed to 15/33. This fact is also considered in the scenery.

In January 2019, the scenery was changed to the Marshaller and the gate control over SAM.

3. Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic scenery
  • Rename of runway and taxi signs from August 2012 included
  • Compatible to OSM+autogen from PliotBalu
  • Realistic ground texture on the airport area
  • Parkpositions, taxiways, runways, etc. conform to VACC data
  • Vehicles at the apron
  • Realistic markings on the apron and taxiways
  • Different buildings in the vicinity
  • Night textures and realistic lightning                                                             *)
  • Ground traffic (with GroundTraffic Plugin from marginal)                          *)
  • ATC taxilines for  AI traffic                                                                                *)
  • Working marshallers at the "W"- and "E"- Stands    new in V3.0      *)
  • Compatibel to XP-11 and XP11-AI-Trafic    new in V2.0
  • Hangar doors and access gates can be operated vis SAM.    new in V 3.0
  • Parked aircrafts at main- and GAC-aprons (removeable with SAM-Interface) new in V3.1
  • SAM-Season integrated   neu in V 3.5

*) X-Plane 10, 11 only!

4. Installation

Just copy the folder "LOWS W.A.Mozart 3.5" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

 directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 LOWS W.A.Mozart 3.5 /

                          Earth nav data and others)

 and restart X-Plane.




For ground traffic the plugin "GroundTraffic" from "marginal" is needed (see Credits).

For the Marshallers you have to install the "SAM" Plugin from "Threshopd"

If you want to see people at the airport, you have to install the "People-LIB". Download at: http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/People_LIB

5. Credits

LAMINAR RESEARCH®           for X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              for WED (Version 1.60 verwendet)

marginal                                   for his Sketchup-Plugin

                                               for his GroundTraffic Plugin

                                               for his Autogate-Plugin

C Davis                                    for his "GA Aircrafts V8"

8.recommended addons

Although the scenery works without it, we recommend installing the following addons (the images are taken with these addons):

simheaven_X-Europe by PilotBalu,
Download von: https://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe-4/

made by oe3gsu

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:

  LOWS W.A.Mozart 3.5.zip (XP11, SAM-Season integrated)

  LOWS W.A.Mozart 3.1.zip (XP11)

  LOWS W.A.Mozart 3.0.zip (XP11)

  LOWS W.A.Mozart 2.0.zip (46,2 MB)

  LOWS W.A.Mozart 1.2.zip (93,3 MB)

  LOWS W.A. Mozart 1.2 XP9.zip (86.3 MB)


  LOWS W.A.Mozart 1.2_Winter.zip              Winter-Textures for LOWS Salzburg W.A.Mozart 1.2

Installation: withJSGME (find instructions on http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/Highways ) or

                    direct: overwrite the same files in the appropriate directories (make a backup before!)

NEW V1.2: working marshallers NEW V1.2: working marshallers
NEW V1.1: Apron with parked airplanes NEW V1.1: Apron without parked airplanes