LOLT Seitenstetten

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1.The example

Seitenstetten Airport (German: Flugplatz Seitenstetten, ICAO: LOLT) is a private use airport located 2 kilometres (1 mi) north-northeast of Seitenstetten, Lower Austria.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Frequency:123.60 MHz
Language: Deutsch
Aerodrome authorized for: airplanes, motor gliders, gliders, helicopters MTOW: 2t (higher on request)
State: Niederösterreich
Location: Seitenstetten apx. 1,5 km; Amstetten apx. 17 km
Height: 1050´
Runway info: Rwy 10 (700m); Rwy 28 (830); GRASS
Operating times: PPR; Mo - Fr 10:00 - ... LT; Sa, So and holidays 9:00 - 20.00 LT
Fuel/ price in €: Daily price - cash only
GPS Coordinates: N48 03.0 E14 39.7



2.The Scenery

The scenery is based on public available information and maps. The objects were completely rebuilt.
The package includes night textures and realistic lighting (X-Plane 10, 11 only).


can be found at, but are also included in this package.

To use the PCL function, either a plane with standby ADF1 or the LUA script on is required.

To switch the parked aircrafts, either a plane with standby ADF2 or the LUA script on is required.

3.Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic scenery
  • Compatible to "OSM+autogen" or. "Osm_Austria_beta3.1" by PilotBalu
  • Realistic ground texture on the airport area
  • Parkpositions, taxiways, runways, etc. conform to the Charts
  • parked aircrafts on the apron removeable for online-flying
  • openable hangar doors (with HangarOps Package)                                   *)
  • PCL (Pilot Controlled Lights)                                                                           *)
  • Night textures and realistic lightning                                                             *)
  • ATC-Taxilines for AI-Traffic                                                                              *)

*) X-Plane 10, 11 only!


Just copy the folder " LOLT Seitenstetten 2.1" " in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

 directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 LOLT Seitenstetten 2.1/

                          Earth nav data and others)

 and restart X-Plane.

For the operation of the hangar doors the addon "HangarOps Package" from BlueSideUpBob is needed (see Credits).

If the PCL function should be used via the LUA script, the script has to be copied to the  "Scripts" folder in the directory "FlyWithLUA".

If you want to witch the parked aircrafts on and off via the LUA script, you have to copy it to the  "Scripts" folder in the directory "FlyWithLUA".

5.Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

6.Necessary software

X-Plane® Version 11.11+, 10.25+ or 9.7


LAMINAR RESEARCH®           X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              WED (Version 1.6.1 verwendet)

marginal                                   Sketchup-Plugin

BlueSideUpBob                        HangarOps Package

uwespeed                                Fahrzeuge

chimo                                      Playground Object

vonhinx                                    Glider Box Trailer Objects

made by oe3gsu

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:

  LOLT Seitenstetten     (XP 11)

  LOLT Seitenstetten 1.0 (35,1 MB)

  LOLT Seitenstetten XP9 1.0 (35,1 MB)