Switch parked airplanes

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Some of our airfields have parked aircraft on the apron so that they do not look so empty when flying offline.

With the standby ADF1 you can switch the aircrafts on or off:

  • 200..                        aircrafts visible
  • other value               aircrafts not visible


However, some aircraft have no ADF1 standby, the operation is a bit cumbersome.

This LUA script allows switching via menu or buttons (keyboard or joystick).


First install "FlyWithLUA": : http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=17468

If LUA works, just copy the script "Ground_Aircrafts.lua" into the "Scripts" folder of LUA.

Start X-Plane and have fun Smile


  • Switches the frequency of the standby-ADF1 to 200 and back to the previously set value.


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  Ground_Aircrafts.zip (702 B)

  Ground_Aircrafts_Manual_DE.pdf (1,5 MB)

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