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In many airports are flags. ButI found no Austrian specimens, so i just buildt them.
In the package are the flags of the nine Austrian federal states and the Austrian flag, each with and without coat of arms.The flags align themselves with the wind, therefore please position with an orientation of 0 °!

The mast is 8m high, the flags themselves 1x5m.


Place all files in a subdirectors of your airport (z.B.: \object\flags) and place them with WED.


the Austrian flag (red-white-red):                        Flag_Oe_plain.obj
Austrian federal states:                                        Flag_XXX_plain.obj
Austrian federal states with coat of arms:        Flag_XXX_full.obj.

XXX is the federal state.

Tested with XP10.11+

Download: hier
Description: hier

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