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A small airfield in Lower Austria in the "Waldviertel". It is about 0.4 nm south of the village Ottenschlag. Just do not expect too much in this scene, in this airfield there is almost nothing! A small hangar and a paved area in front of the runway and a windsock have it all.

But those who like jumping from airfield to airfield with helicopters or with small GAs, will find a place to land in between times. But be careful! The runway is only 516m long and only for sailplanes and powered sailplanes up to max. 2t AUW allowed! Please also note the arrangements to start on the RWY 03 and the MIL-low level route in the south!

The airfield is operated by the "Union Segelfliegergruppe Ottenschlag" http://www.flugplatz.ottenschlag.at.tf. From this Web site are the informations submitted.

Testet with xp11, XP10.22 and XP9.7

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