LOGA LKH Bad Radkersburg

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The original

The first documented mention of the Bürgerspital was on December 13, 1421. After the Augustinian monastery was dissolved in 1542, the hospital moved to this monastery. In 1607 it was destroyed by a fire down to the foundations. There was a second hospital in Oberradkersburg (today Gornja Radgona, Slovenia). In 1617, the two hospitals were merged and the move to the former "Griessisches Spital" was carried out. The hospital remained here until 1920, but the institution "Krankenhaus Radkersburg" was founded in 1840. At first the hospital was on Frauenplatz in Hungary Street, until it found its current location in 1898 in the newly built house in Altneudörfl. From 1942 to May 1945 the hospital became a reserve hospital. On January 1, 1949, the Radkersburg Hospital was opened as a state hospital with one department. In 1970 the extension to the old building wing was opened. After 1965, in 1972, the hospital was again closed in by flooding and was temporarily only accessible by boat. In 1976 a staff house was opened and another extension built. In 1989 the outpatient clinic and physiotherapy were converted, in the 1990s a further extension and conversion was decided, and in the middle of 2000 the project was completed and put into operation.

Source: Museum Bad Radkersburg

The scenery

The scene is based on publicly available informations.
All objects have been new created.


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Funktionen (Zusammenfassung)

  • Photorealistic buildings at the clinic area
  • Compatibel to X-Europe V2.0 from PilotBalu
  • Groundtexture at the clinic areal
  • realistic lighting and night-textures




Just copy the folder "LKH_Bad Radkersburg" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

     Custom Scenery /
             LKH_Bad Radkersburg/
                      Earth nav data und andere
and restart X-Plane.

Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.


Required Software

  • X-Plane® Version 11.11+



  • CDB-Library
  • RescueX
  • HSF_Lib
  • Handyobjects
  • SAM_Library

Recommended addons

Although the scenery will work without any addons, we recommend to use the following ones for the whole experience (pictures taken with addons installed):
simheaven_X-Europe-1, -2, -3 by PilotBalu, Download from: http://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe/


Ben SupnikWED (Version 1.6.1 verwendet)

made by oe6eug, Kurt

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:

     LOGA LKH Bad Radkersburg.zip (XP 11)