KH Weisser Hof

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1.   The Original

For the past 30 years, highly specialized specialists at the AUVA Rehabilitation Center Weißer Hof have been working to ensure the best possible reintegration of accident victims into their normal lives.
In October 1986, the Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt opened its Rehabilitation Center Weißer Hof not far from the Lower Austrian district town of Klosterneuburg. With its 200 beds, the Weisse Hof is the largest rehabilitation facility of the AUVA. Each year around 1,600 patients receive inpatient care.

The primary focus of the AUVA Rehabilitation Center Weißer Hof is on the best possible reintegration of victims after an accident at work into their usual life. In accordance with the free capacity and assumption of costs by the responsible social insurance carriers but also injured are cared for after other accidents. The physicians or the teams of nurses and therapists have specialized in patients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple injuries, amputations, complex hand injuries, burns and movement impairments.
The holistic rehabilitation at the Weißen Hof is divided into three areas: Medical rehabilitation encompasses a broad range of therapies. From around 150 different therapeutic options, the experts individually select the most suitable forms for each patient. At the same time, experts are also available for advice and support on any necessary housing and vehicle conversions (social rehabilitation measures) as well as for vocational rehabilitation (retraining, further education, etc.). As a third track, clinical psychologists accompany patients through rehabilitation and trauma processing.
About the AUVA:

At AUVA, around 4.8 million people are insured against accidents at work and occupational diseases. The AUVA finances its tasks almost entirely from compulsory contributions from the employer and assumes responsibility for accidents at work and the occurrence of occupational diseases. Prevention is the core task of the AUVA, because accident prevention and the prevention of occupational diseases reduce the costs for the other core tasks of medical treatment, rehabilitation and financial compensation of accident victims.

The AUVA operates the accident hospitals Meidling and Lorenz Böhler in Vienna, the accident hospitals Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Kalwang as well as the rehabilitation centers Meidling, Weißer Hof in Lower Austria, Häring in Tyrol and the rehabilitation clinic Tobelbad in Styria. More than 370,000 patients are treated at the AUVA facilities, more than 46,000 of whom are inpatients.


2.   The scenery

The scene is based on publicly available informations.

All objects have been new created


not available

3.   Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic buildings at the clinic area
  • Compatibel to X-Europe V2.0 from PliotBalu
  • Groundtexture at the clinic areal
  • realistic lighting and night-textures

4.   Installation

Just copy the folder " KH Weisser Hof 2.0" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 KH Weisser Hof 2.0/

                          Earth nav data and others)

and restart X-Plane.

5.   Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

6.   Required Software

X-Plane® Version 11.11+

7.   Used Libraries


8.   Recommended addons

Although the scenery will work without any addons, we recommend to use the following ones for the whole experience (pictures taken with addons installed):

simheaven_X-Europe-1, -2, -3 by PilotBalu,
Download von:

9.   Credits

LAMINAR RESEARCH®           X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              WED (Version 1.6.1 verwendet)

marginal                                   Sketchup-Plugin

Cami de Bellis                         Cars

made by oe3gsu

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