LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne

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1.The Original

The Schwarzenberg Kaserne is the geographically largest barracks in the Austrian army directly on the western outskirts of the city of Salzburg in Austria in the municipality of Wals-Siezenheim. The barracks is so extensive that it is a separate town in the municipality.

At the Schwarzenberg barracks there is a helipad with the ICAO LOXS. Because it is military zone there are no additional information or original pictures up to a picture of some parked "Blackhawk".






2.The scenery

The scene is based on publicly available information.

It consists only of the helipad, a windsock and a few trees and the exclusions on the court to remove the autogen objects.


not available

3.Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic Scenery
  • Compatibel to OSM+autogen V6.0 from PliotBalu
  • Realistic Groundtextures at the airport


Just copy the folder " LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne 2.0" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne 2.0/

                          Earth nav data and others)

and restart X-Plane.

5.Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

6.Required Software

X-Plane® Version 11.11+, 10.30+ or 9.7

7.Used Libraries


8.Recommended addons

Although the scenery will work without any addons, we recommend to use the following ones for the whole experience (pictures taken with addons installed):

simheaven_X-Europe-1, -2, -3 by PilotBalu,
Download von: http://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe/


LAMINAR RESEARCH®           X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              WED (Version 1.6.1 verwendet)

marginal                                   Sketchup-Plugin

made by oe3gsu

Wenn Dir diese Szenerie gefällt, freuen wir uns über Deine Spende:

     LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne 2.0.zip   (XP 11)

     LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne 1.0.zip

     LOXS Schwarzenbergkaserne 1.0 XP9.zip