LOIP Ischgl Idalpe

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1.The Original

The SchenkAIR GmbH was founded by Dr. Christian Schenk (Specialist in trauma surgery) and is now one of the most innovative airlines in Austria. SchenkAir currently operates two modern helicopters of the type 'Agusta Westland AW 109 SP'.

Our commitment applies primarily to the well-being and the satisfaction of our customers and patients. Excellent safety, top quality and friendly customer service are self-evident.

SchenkAir is a partner company from 'Sanatorium Dr. Schenk' in Schruns which is one of Europe's most recognized specialty hospitals focusing on sports injuries. The latest medical equipment and diagnostics such as MRI guarantee an absolutely efficient treatment.
Each year, Dr. Schenk and his team about 2,000 patients operated on, which are around 400 flown by emergency helicopter. Since the existence of sanatorium, the number of operated patients amounts to more than 34,000.

Homebase LOIP

The Ambulance Helicopter 'Robin 3' is in the middle of one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Europe - stationed (daily up to 20,000 skiers) of the Silvretta Arena Ischgl / Samnaun.


  • 238 well-groomed slopes
    44 modern cable cars and lifts
    1,100 snow machines
    88,900 persons Total capacity / hour
    Ambulance Helicopter in the ski resort

The piste rescuers Silvrettaseilbahn AG work 'hand in hand' with the team of 'Robin3' together. Casualty or diseased skiers thereby helped quickly and efficiently.
Directly on Dr. Schenk Heliport has set up a modern medical center.
Commitment of 'Robin 3': the end of November to early May

(Source: http://www.schenkair.com/unternehmen/)

2.The scenery

The scene is based on publicly available information and pictures made by our user Philipp, thanks!

The scenery includes night textures and realistic lighting (Only X-Plane 10, 11).





 Radio channel/ Callname

Heliport Ischgl Idalpe

Special procedures



 Approach from


west, north

 Departure direction


west, north


(Source: http://old.helipad.org/app/default.asp?padId=494,


3.Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic Scenery
  • Compatibel to OSM+autogen V6.0 from PliotBalu
  • realistic ground textures at the Heliport and the surrounding
  • Parkpositions conform to the charts
  • realistic lighting of the Helipad
  • realistic Markings at the Heliport and the apron
  • nighttextures
  • realistic lighting      *)

*) X-Plane 10+, 11+ only!


Just copy the folder " LOIP Idalpe 2.0" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 LOIP Idalpe 2.0/

                          Earth nav data and others)

and restart X-Plane.

5.Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

6.Required Software

X-Plane® Version 11.11+, 10.30+ or 9.7

7.Used Libraries


8.Recommended addons

Although the scenery will work without any addons, we recommend to use the following ones for the whole experience (pictures taken with addons installed):

OSM_Europe_osm+autogen by PilotBalu,
Download: http://simheaven.com/?page_id=23

to have streets and buildings from OSM and autogen where is no coverrage of such data.


Osm_Austria_beta6.0 by PilotBalu

Download: http://simheaven.com/experimental/

HD Mesh Scenery v2 by alpilotx

Download: http://www.alpilotx.net/downloads/x-plane-10-hd-scenery-mesh-v2/

Europe_Library von LyAvain,

Download:  http://simheaven.com/?page_id=14
to see European instead of US buildings.


LAMINAR RESEARCH®           X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              WED (Version 1.6.1 verwendet)

marginal                                   Sketchup-Plugin

Philipp                                      Photos

made by oe3gsu

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:

     LOIP Idalpe 2.0.zip    (XP 11)

     LOIP Idalpe 1.0.zip

     LOIP Idalpe 1.0 XP9.zip