LOAG / LOBK Krems-Langenlois

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1.The example

From the founding of our Airport:

On the 12th of April 1958 the eight founding members, some of them already were in possesion of sail- and motorplane licenses,  came togehter at the Gasthof (similar to a pub or inn) named „Alte Post“ ('old post') in the city of Krems for the first general meeting of the aero club.

As location for the aiprort the former war prison area STALAG XVII B, north of the vilage Gneixendorf, was choosen. With the landlords of that time, Mr. Johann Erber and Dr. Dipl.Ing. Ernst Feichtinger, an agrrement for lease was made.

With the use of heavy grounding machines and a lot of working hours of the club members left overs of the former prison camp, like foundations, parts of shanties, bricks, potholes and so on, were moved and the soil leveled. The area for the airport was then 900x1250 meters wide. In springtime of 1960 gras was seeded and a fence on the south side was build.

In 1961 the federal department for civil aviation gave the green light for motorplane operations. On the 25th August 1963 the club arranged an aero show. Approximately 10.000 visitors came on that day. The highlights of the show were aerobatic flights with motor- and sailplanes of the brand 'Bücker' and 'Bocian' as well as parachute jumps.

For promotional reasons of sailplanes with auxilary engines whitch were under development at this time, the 3rd international meeting for motorized sailplanes in Austria took place from the 12th to the 15th of August 1967 on the airfield. A lot of visitors came from germany this time.

In the year 1969 the city of Krems bought the airfiled from the owners and made a long term contract for lease with the club. On the 24th of June 1969 in the context of a big event, the airfield was officially opened. Part of the event was to show the already owned (since 1958) sailplane 'MÜ-13 E' and to officially buy a new two seater sailplane brand 'Bocian'. In the running year another two sailplanes were bought – brand 'L-Spatz' and 'Doppelraab'. On the 30th August 1969 the club staged its second airshow.

1970 a second hangar was built, using premounted steel constructions. This hangar was then home for the motorplane 'Job 115' which was bought 1969.

This plane, which was made by the Austrian company Birkner, was selled 1974 and a new motorplane, type 'Morane 180 GT' with 180hp power was bought. The primary use was to tow sailplanes into air.

To fulfill the requirements of the dense airfield operations for club members as well as outside useres of the airport, 1974 to 1976 a new building was built on the west side of hangar one. This building holds rooms for preflight preparations, meetings, gathering as well as a workshop.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the club, an event was held from the 25th to the 28th of May 1978. During this event not only aiplanes did a great show, also club members were honored because of their distinguished service in founding the club and preparing the airfield.

From the mid 1970's the airtraffic increased and therefor a bigger hangar was built from 1980 to 1981. Next to the hangar a company for aircraft works opened business there.

To fulfill the requirements of the raised aircraft operations, from 1984 to 1985 a 742 meters long and 18m wide asphalt runway was built includeing parking areas and taxiways.

Because of noise reduction the runway heading was changed by 10 degrees. Since finalizing of the runway airplanes with two engines and a maximum weight of 5 tons are allowed to use the airfield.

In the following years the number of owned aircrafts by the club was raised. Today there are 6 sailplanes, 3 motor planes, 2 motor sailplanes and 8 hot air balloons available for the club memebers.

Additionally a refuelling station, a restaurant with parking lot, an additional hangar for private planes, a new workshop with gathering and class rooms as well as a control tower were built.

From time to time the club holds a 'Hangarfest' which is well known in the wider area of Krems.

The airfield Krems is also on of the focal points for certain aero sportive cups. For example 1999 for a sailplane cup of Lower Austria and a military parachute cup.

 (Source: http://www.airfield-krems.eu/index.php/flugplatz/chronik)

LOBK Christophorus 2

Christophorus 2 was put into service on the 1st of Spetember 1983. The helicopter was placed outside for the meantime because there was no hangar at the hospital area.

Because of the problems of an outside parking (refuelling from barrels, covering the heli with blankets every evening, problems in wintertime etc.) in 1987 an underground hangar was built, underneath the newly arranged heliport.

The helicopter is moved with a transport platform outside the hangar and afterwards lifted with a special lift to the landing pad. The refuellig is now done from the heated underground hangar as well as the renewing of materials and other stuff for the helicopter.

(Source: http://www.christophorus2.at)


Since autumn of 2014 a new heliport for Christophorus 2 is under construction on the site of the airport Krems-Langenlois (LOAG).

This picture shows the ongoing construction as of the 1st of January 2015. The hangar and crew building are finished as well as the helipad and the lightning of the heliport.

(Picture-Source: http://www.christophorus2.at)

2.The scenery

The scene is based on publicly available information and pictures, i was allowed to take thanks to the cooperation of the tower crew in Winter 2013. For version 2.0, all the textures and objects have been revised.

The scenery includes night textures and realistic lighting (Only X-Plane 10, 11).



3.Functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic Scenery
  • Compatibel to OSM+autogen V6.0 from PliotBalu
  • Realistic Groundtextures at he airport
  • Parkpositions, Taxiways, Runways, ... conform to the Charts
  • realistic Markings at the apron and the taxiways
  • various buildings and structures in the area
  • nighttextures
  • Winter - Textures
  • Christophorus 2 location
  • realistic lighting                                                                                                  *)
  • ATC-Taxilines for AI-Traffic                                                                              *)

*) X-Plane 10, 11 only!


Just copy the folder "LOAG Langenlois 2.1.1" in the compressed file after unpacking in the "Custom Scenery" - folder.

directory structure:


          Custom Scenery /

                 LOAG Langenlois 2.1.1 /

                          Earth nav data and others)

and restart X-Plane.

5.Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

"runways follow terrain contours" has to be OFF!

6.Required Software

X-Plane® Version 11, 10.30+ or 9.7

7.Used Libraries


8.Recommended addons

Although the scenery will work without any addons, we recommend to use the following ones for the whole experience (pictures taken with addons installed):

OSM_Europe_osm+autogen by PilotBalu,
Download: http://simheaven.com/?page_id=23

to have streets and buildings from OSM and autogen where is no coverrage of such data.


Osm_Austria_beta6.0 by PilotBalu

Download: http://simheaven.com/experimental/

HD Mesh Scenery v2 by alpilotx

Download: http://www.alpilotx.net/downloads/x-plane-10-hd-scenery-mesh-v2/

Europe_Library von LyAvain,

Download:  http://simheaven.com/?page_id=14
to see European instead of US buildings.


LAMINAR RESEARCH®           X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              WED (Version 1.2.1r3 verwendet)

marginal                                   Sketchup-Plugin

uwespeed                                 European vehicles

made by OE3GSU

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:


     LOAG Langenlois 2.1.1.zip

     LOAG Langenlois 2.0.zip

     LOAG Langenlois 2.0 XP9.zip

     LOAG_Winter.zip             Winter-Textures for LOAG Langenlois 2.0

Installation: withJSGME (find instructions on http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/Highways ) or

                    direct: overwrite the same files in the appropriate directories (make a backup before!)