COPILOT 1.0 Beta1

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What Copilot is?

Copilot is a software (LUA scripts) that automatically controls some functions of the aircraft. For this purpose, the flight condition is analyzed and based on that, the functions are controlled. In "wild" maneuvers, it may be that an incorrect flight condition is detected and therefore wrong functions are triggered.

What Copilot not ist?

Copilot is not an "Autopilot". The pilot remains responsible for the control of the aircraft!


Copy the content of the .zip-File to the "Scripts"-directory of FlyWithLua, so that the files "CPT.lua" und "CPT_std.cpt" and the directory "CPT_sounds" an hs content is located at  "<X-Plane directory> / Resources / plugins / FlyWithLua / Scripts".


Co-pilot controls the following functions when they are activated:

  • Gear
  • Squawk
  • Altimeter-Settings
  • Flaps
  • Beacon Lights
  • Navigation Lights
  • Landing Lights
  • Strobe Light
  • Taxi Light

All functions can be used individually or the entire copilot can be disabled. If "Voice" is activated, an acoustic feedback is given when important function are switched.

Note: Requires at least FlyWithLua in version 2.3 or higher!   LINK


BETA-1 - Version! (7,0 MB)