FUEL 2.0

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This LUA-Sript simulates the refueling of your aircraft. After choosing the desired amount of fuel and starting the procedure your aircraft will be re- or de-fuelled.


To install, copy the content of the .zip-File into the "Scripts"-Folder of FlyWithLua, so that the file "FUEL.lua" sits in the folder "<X-Plane Folder> / Resources / plugins / FlyWithLua / Scripts".

Comment: Needs FlyWithLua Version 2.3 or higher!

Download from: https://github.com/X-Friese/FlyWithLua

  FUEL 2.0.zip (1,8 kB)

  FUEL_Manual 2.0 DE.zip (1,7 MB)

  FUEL_Manual 2.0 EN.zip (1,7 MB)