LOIH Hohenems

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1.The example

The airfield Hohenems (ICAO: HOS) is about 8 nm south of Lake Constance. At the airport in Hohenems 16714 aircraft movements per year are allowed; not included in the number of flight movements are authorities, military and rescue flights.

 (Source: Homepage Airport: http://www.loih.at/index.htm )

The airfield is used by the "Vorarlberg Sportflieger" groups for their activities. Since December 15, 1968 an air base of the Austrian air police is located in Hohenems. Here a police helicopter is stationed, which was used until 2000, together with the rescue organizations for rescue flights. Since 2001, the helicopter is available exclusively for police assignments.

 (Quelle: Wikipedia)

2.The scenery

The scenery is based for the most part on specially constructed buildings that were modeled as realistic as possible. So also the striking farm was built on approach to the runway 05 specifically for this scenery.


can you find at www.loih.at. Based on this information, the parking positions and taxiways were built in the scenery, so there should be no problems with online flying.

3.functions (summary)

  • Photorealistic scenery
  • Parkpositions, taxiways, runways, etc. conform to the charts
  • Vehicles at the apron and into the hangars (not selectable Gates)
  • Realistic markings on the apron and taxiways
  • Different buildings in the vicinity
  • openable hangar doors (with HangarOps Package)                                            *)
  • Night textures and realistic lightning                                                                 *)
  • ATC taxilines for  AI traffic                                                                                *)

*) only X-Plane 10, 11!


Simply unpack the folder and copy the content into your 'custom scenery' folder of X-Plane.



          Custom Scenery /

                 LOIH_Dornbirn_Hohenems 2.0 /

                          Earth nav data and others)

and restart X-Plane.

For the operation of the hangar doors the addon "HangarOps Package" from BlueSideUpBob is needed (see Credits).

5.Recommended settings

To visualize all light effects, HDR should be activated. The higher the settings for "texture resolution" and "airport detail" the better the quality of the scenery but the more affect on the FPS ratio.

6.Necessary Software:

X-Plane® Version 11.10, 10.25+ or 9.7

7.Comments for the X-Plane 9 version

Unfortunately some functions of the scenery must be disabled for X-Plane 9 and therefore it will not look like on the pictures which where taken with X-Plane 10.25.

8.Used Libraries

OpenSceneryX -     download: http://www.opensceneryx.com/


LAMINAR RESEARCH®           for X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              for WED (Version 1.2.1r3 verwendet)

BlueSideUpBob                        for "HangarOps Package"

marginal                                   for Sketchup-Plugin

If you like this Scenery, we appreciate your donation:

  LOIH_Dornbirn-Hohenems 2.0.zip (XP11)

   LOIH Hohenems.zip (30,9 MB)

   LOIH Hohenems XP9.zip (30,9 MB)

made by Wachter, Diego, oe3gsu member of AXDG