The modules

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The modules

On the following pages the already finished modules are briefly introduced. These are designed for installation in the rack and (in most cases) simply connected via a USB hub (preferably with its own power supply). Replace the controls that you usually have to use the mouse on the screen or via the PC keyboard in X-Plane ® Flight Simulator.

The modules are designed so that they send (as far as available) the appropriate commands to the software. If there are no commands are available, the corresponding  "DataRefs" are controlled directly. Thus, the operation of the functions on the screen or using the PC keyboard is still possible. Of course it is not possible to put a switch on the module by the operator using the mouse or the keyboard. Therefore, the operation when a module is connected, only more about the module.

For some modules (eg the RADIO MODULE) this problem does not occur because the module sends commands to the software and indicates only the reply (the changed frequency here). Here, the operation of all three options is equivalent possible.

The color scheme can be adapted to individual needs and wishes. I like mid-gray matte. If someone wants to have the front in bright red, no problem: The front panels are painted according to the CNC-milling and then engraved the labels. Only light colors are a problem, since the labels are not visible on these the white lettering (= color of the base material).

If available, images and the instructions are available for download.