The scenerys

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translated by BenQuick 22/07/2013

The scenerys

On these pages (see navigation on the bottom of the page) i present the scenerys i made so far. I'm doing mainly smaller places in Lower Austria, but this photorealistic and for VFR flight.

Since the "original world" of X-Plane, the Austrian airports are treated fairly spartan (more than one runway rarely exists),i went at to search. I found the international airports as free downloads and installed them. It's great when you stand in front of the terminal in Vienna with a "heavy metal" aircraft and you need the "push-backer ', so as not to roll through the terminal.

But there were no other Places, specifically for VFR. So into the car, go there, sign up at the Tower and took some photos. And then get to work. Smaller airfileds are indeed made ​​quickly, but they should look good even at night (even if the field is only open during daylight hours, we are flying in the simulator).

After many attempts, then it looks from halfway as I imagine it.

If anyone finds an error, please do not keep, but send me by mail:


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Have fun flying VFR in Lower Austria.