Road Signs

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To give our scenes even more reality, this package offers Austrian traffic signs, traffic lights, railroad crossings and roads..

Currently, the following objects are included:

Road Signs:

  • All signs according to StVZVO 1998
  • several additional panels
  • overhead signs
  • bridges for overhead signs
  • railroad crossings
  • Roads

1. Usage

I recommend that you copy the entire package into your scenery folder. Then the required objects can be placed with WED or OE. After completion of the scenery check it with the tool X-Publish of marginal and it simultaneously copy all required files into a ZIP archive. The unused files of the package will NOT be copied in the ZIP archive!

2. required software:

X-Plane® Version 10.25+ or 9.7

3. Credits

LAMINAR RESEARCH®      für X-Plane®

Ben Supnik                              für WED (Version 1.2.1r3 verwendet)

marginal                                   für sein Sketchup-Plugin

                                               für X-Publish

made by oe3gsu

If you like this objects, we appreciate your donation:

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