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1. The original

The Socata TB are a series of light single engine piston aircraft manufactured by Socata and designed in the late 1970s. All aircraft (with the exception of the TB9) have a constant speed propeller. The TB series have become widely used training and touring aircraft and are often used for instrument training.


Design work on the TB series began in the mid 1970s to replace Socata's successful Rallye series of aircraft. The TB20 model was certified in France on December 18, 1980. The first delivery to a customer happened in March 1981 in Germany. All aircraft in the series were modernised in 2000 and as a result the letters GT were added (GT standing for Generation Two). The GT versions have a bigger cabin and aerodynamic improvements. The most noticeable differences between the first and second generation models are the wing tips, which are rounder on the older models, and the vertical stabiliser, which is curved on the lower front on the GT models. The looks of the rear windows have also changed, being more blended with the fuselage on the GT models.


The aircraft are all very similar looking both inside and out but only the TB20 and TB21 have a retractable gear. Probably the biggest difference between the models is the engine power which increases from 160 horsepower (119 kW) for the TB9, 180 horsepower (134 kW) for the TB10, 200 horsepower (149 kW) for the TB200 and to 250 horsepower (186 kW) on the TB20 and 21. The only difference between the TB20 and the TB21 is that the latter is turbocharged, hence the letters TC. All models have a constant speed propeller, except for the TB9, which has a fixed pitch propeller. On the fixed gear models, the landing gear fairings are optional.

 (Source: Wikipedia)

2. The model

The model almost complies with the original, because the author (davewing) is a real life pilot and flies the original

It is a little older version, has analogue instruments but a retractable gear, full IFR, anti icing etc.


The difference between the two version are only in the cockpit details:

  • TB20-Trinidad 945                  with reduced panel but bigger instruments for IFR training.
  • TB20-Trinidad 945 LP            with the whole panel

Have fun with the Trinidad
Erwin, davewing

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