Forum, Kommentare und Co.

Unfortunately, we often get "angry" remarks that you have to register on our site to post content (Forum, Comments, etc.). Alternatively, I have to read (as Owner) every post and release manually. On one hand I do not like censorship, on the other hand it is too much work for me. In thsi time i prefer to build a new airfield.

Therefore, the forum, the comment system, etc. are disabled. And registration is no longer necessary, all our content is now freely downloadable.

As a forum and for questions Aerosoft provides us there forum under Thank you very much. There also new content or additional information will be announced. So check back often and maybe even buy something over Aerosoft Smile

best regards and have fun with our "works"


P.S.: We're reachable over mail: "Username" @ The respective user name of the author you can find in the manual.