European RWY-Numbers 1.1

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In Austria (and other European countries) Runway-numbers have two digits.

Unfortunately, X-Plane displays any number under 10 without a leading "0".

This addon replaces the default textures by 2-digit numbers.

2.manual installation

The corresponding textures are located in the folders

"X-Plane Ordner"/Resources/bitmaps/runways/asphalt/Numbers     and

"X-Plane Ordner"/Resources/bitmaps/runways/concrete/Numbers

First: make a backup of these folders!

Unzip the package. Copy the contents of the two directories over the corresponding

directories of the X-Plane installation.

Hint:          When you update X-Plane, the downloader will ask if these files should be overwritten or if you want to keep the new files. After overwriting this AddOn needs to be installed again.

3.Installation with JSGME

The nice small tool JSGME (JS Generic Mod Enabler) allows the installation of different mods in games and also works with X-Plane very good.

  1. find JSGME (Google) and download it (actual Version is
  2. copy "JSGME.exe" in the X-Plane Installation folder (were "X-Plane.exe" is), don't start it now!
  3. in the X-Plane installation folder create an additional folder (I use "jsgmemods".
  4. copy the "MOD Package" to this folder (in this case, the directory "European Runway Numbers" from the zip archive).
  5. start JSGME. The first time JSGME asks for the folder with the MODs. Specify the folder "jsgmemods" (example) here. Now in the left window "European Runway Numbers" appears, mark it and push the top button. Now the "European Runway Numbers" are installed.
  6. stop JSGME, start X-Plane and admire the two-digit numbers.

To uninstall (and when updateing X-Plane!) start JSGME and disable the mod's (shift left). Now the original files are reinstalled and the X-Plane Installer "stumbles" no more about it.

4.Necessary software

X-Plane® Version 10.31+ oder 9.7


DanielMan, greuff, PAA196, PetJedi, grissley, kalle, merlin, alle Mitglieder der AXDG.

made by grisley, mod by oe3gsu

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  RWY_Numbers (3,1 MB)   (manual installation only)

  European Runway Numbers

Here the example of LOXT Tulln Langenlebarn

X-Plane standard with AddOn