Helipads for Marking

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I found at X-Plane.org the "Alternate "Backgroundless" Helipad Markings (for Asphalt and Concrete) 1.01" from "walterblenny" LINK.

He made this very beautiful helipad markings without background. Following his instructions, you should replace the original markings of X-Plane by his.

Who shrinks from (X-Plane tries to overwrite with every update), has another possibility:

Simply open as "Overlay Image" in WED, position and convert as "Draped Polygon". The process is described in more detail in the tutorial "Rollmarkierungen".

Do not forget to insert the "LAYER_GROUP markings" after converting the.pol because X-Plane otherwise puts our Helipad possibly under runways, taxiways, etc..

The full Helipad.pol looks like this:


SCALE 25.000000 25.000000

LAYER_GROUP markings

Have fun flying Helis

For example, here in LOXT (maybe a little too big?)